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Vamos Rafa

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picture credit to AFP

Nadal will always be a king of clay, he claimed his fifth title here...He did try to speak few words in French and received applaud from audience...hehe.It denotes how significant this tournament to him and to win in with style, beating Robin Soderling who previously crashed the reigning champion FeDex. Nothing much to comment on other players since not all players other than Nadal can be so good on clay court. His tenacity, pace, powerful backhand really scary to watch.

For Women category it was astounding to see Francesca Schiavone won the tournament. No Williams sisters, no Henin, no Sharapova, no Jankovic and not even Ivanovic (probably quite busy Verdasco) played in the final. Women category always be in topsy-turvy.

Look at his picture above taken at Disneyland Paris, that definitely bring back all the memories.....

Next will be my favourite Wimbledon Open in London...