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May Allah....

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In the name of Allah, selawat and salam to beloved Prophet  

May is knocking its door again this year..and I am blessed for all...I may not have everything that I want, my plan is not according to what I have laid out, frustration and doubtful engulf me,  negativity come back and forth..passing its baton, albeit, I am thankful to Him. These made (will make) me strong mentally and spiritually. Allah is the most merciful and kind so He wont give me trials and tribulation without lessons to be learned. 

The arrival of May signaling  a month shy of the homecoming...the grandeur, the holly month of Ramadhan. A month of blessing, training, supplication, forgiveness, reflections, rezk and offering. This month is too special, a month which offers double rewards for all good deeds and there is a special night called  "Al-Qadr". Doing the good deeds,  the thought of receiving the rewards, is not the main agenda..am speaking on my behalf. To me what is more important is to get His forgiveness, blessing and those deeds, prayers are accepted. I believe the rewards is certainly there..it is in His realm to judge and to give...and I know if He accepted my supplications and good deeds, only He knows what to give. Certainly I am hoping for Jannah (paradise)...

The other significant thing in this month is the training. Fasting is the complete training regime (i would classify it this way) to nurture my soul, avoid excessive eating, could feel  the hunger suffered by the poor in this world, sharing the fortune endowed by Allah with others especially the needy, watchful of what to say, safeguard the tongue from saying unnecessarily, beware of what you hear, make use of time by reciting Quran and appreciate the time. No other religion in this world offering such a complete training, the combination and mind, soul and physical...NONE! 

For me what is important is not only the training..well every year I have undergone such training, the significant challenge is to be steadfast with the training! To be able to nurture the soul even after the holy month. To be able to carry out its spirit to the other months and make it a habit as part of life. Well that is the hardest part. The Eid at the end of the Ramadhan is a celebration...it is a celebration...don't get me wrong but the celebration is meaningful  if i would be able to absorb its spirit, its philosophy into my life, the life of my family, my friends and the whole community. Yes, it must start with me so I have to ensure that this is the best Ramadhan! 

May Allah grants this prayer and hope to celebrate this holy month with high spirit and good health. 

May this year marked 18 years of the sadness...1997 was a year of sadness..to be exact is 22 May 1997. I lost my sister.... for further detail you can read my previous entry http://elliechronicles7.blogspot.com/2010/09/13-years.html
May Allah accepts all of her good deeds, forgive her and put her in the higher rank! 

It also means that my nephew (her son) turns 18 years this year and I am grateful to be able to watch him grows although he was having a fair share of sickness and  ailment inherited from her mother. Happy birthday Adik! Wishing you the best in whatever you do, always pray for good health..and be a kind soul to people around you, be the best servant in this world and serve Allah in whatever ways that you can. 

May Allah accepts this prayer...