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In the name of Allah, the most merciful and selawat to my beloved Prophet s.a.w
Finally I am able to publish something here.

April. April 2015 is not the same…too much different than the previous year. As hullabaloo in the media, social network and as far as in the remote area, either we like it or not, either we are not sure how it works for us or against us, GST has started.

The chance to be in my hometown, I was exposed to the far-cry from reality. Along the way from Lojing to Kuala Krai to Machang, we saw similar landscape. Nothing has changed. Some are still living in the tents. Yes, we (me and Ian) lost our words… and our mind keeps on spinning the images… Allahu… We have not  recovered from this the disaster and more in store with the implementation of GST.

What can we do?

I think the key to survive is to educate myself, my family, my students and my society the principle of frugality in spending. Avoid spending on unnecessary stuff. Buy only important thing. Be content with what I have. Use things to the maximum capability. Make do with what we have. Be patient!

Eating clean as vegetable and fruit are Z rated (no GST)

Or better to fast  (Fasting in alternate days just like Prophet Daud's practice)

Having fun only in public places… Taman bunga.. hehehe..Lake..or do recreational activities…jogging…brisk walk as the cost of being sick is too high! The supplement price is too high, so switch to ulaman2… heheheh…remember eating clean!

Stop using credit card unless it is badly needed!

Stop subscribing to the pay TV (the hardest part)  

Start saving to get or buy certain things.

Infaq (this is utmost important). By giving more even a riyal per day Allah surely will grant more. The rezk is only from Him. Give it to the those in Kuala Krai or elsewhere…it could make it a different to their life.

Certainly a lot more we can do! Hijrah is not easy…be istiqamah is the hardest but a thousand miles begin with a single step.