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Dead and Gone

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Dead and Gone

Actually my head is still spinning…may be due to my lack of sleep. Something robs my sleep habit, my brain never shut down of wrestling and spinning with so many things. Only Allah knows the pain I experienced in my chest, my heart beating too hard, my hand sweating, my mouth drying….I exhale and inhale the air. Try to find solace in whatever detail I have in my head but none….the more I tried to close my eyes, the more it comes to me, like a slide show with transition of slides, with sounds of the conversation in the past. Too many words, sound, memories spinning too fast so I failed to sleep again.

I suddenly realized now I all alone by my side. I felt so chilling, in this not so peculiar place. I was here before, with the warmth…but where it is now??? Faded…. I was here before with laughter and joy….but now it just me, dusty and it become so quiet…..never of this place seems so vacant, dead, quiet but now it is different. I remember I was there with strong emotion, feelings…but no…now there is nothing left…just me.

Me is dead and gone………