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Sanah Helwah

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In the name of Allah the most merciful and selawat to beloved Prophet Muhammad 


All praise to Him, Ar-Rahman, Ar-Rahim for lending me another year to breathe in this world. As a servant, I am truly blessed for anything and everything that He has given me. Thank you for listening and granted my doa, prayers...for the trial, tribulations, hardships and agonies along the way which makes me stronger as person and to decipher the wisdom lies from them. As I am passing another birthday, I looked back to my past and my grateful grows. Past experience defines me of who I am today and what I am going to be in the remaining time given. 


As usual there is no celebration...just a warm thoughts, wishes and prayers from my sister and close friends. I deliberately hide from public the notification especially at Facebook ...not that I am turning a year older..just I would rather keep it low..no fuss about it. I believe that there are certain things better left to be unsaid, hence, birthday is a personal time for me to reflect upon the remaining year  available and ponders how much effort I have done to prepare myself to meet my creator. Have I done enough? Have I utilized the fortune or sustenance endows to the right path? Have I shared the fortune with the less fortunate and needy? Have I shared the knowledge sufficiently? or have I utilized those knowledge only for my personal gain? 


Sanah helwah to me. Again I pray for forgiveness and blessing from Him. I pray for Jannah! 

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No..oh no..no..this is not my birthday cake...I wish to have this though...heheheh