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This is the life that it meant to be...a life that I would never expect...and thinking over it everyday with the thought of quieting always linger at the back of my feeble mind...huhu...Yes, I need to have more than a courage to face, deal, outwit whatever storm, trial and tribulation in this journey. Quieting even at the initial stage sounds premature or anti-climax but losing a father a few days after me registered myself in UK...M (reality bites huh!!) is a valid justification. Seriously post-losing scenario is horrendous and ferocious to endure..particularly trying to juggle between taking care of a mother and to be always on my toes in my study. Seriously for those who read this entry either you know me or not please pray and doa for me to be strong and tough and Allah will endow me His strength and success too as He has granted upon others.

Will I quit? Will I survive? Watch this space...as I will write more on my journey..sometimes and I think most of the time it is better to write things here or meroyan here rather than elsewhere.