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Traveller 2

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Praises to Allah the one who stick to me regardless of how horrendous I am as His servant. : (

Salam, selawat to beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w. 

Sometimes whenever I meet few friends from university they  do ask me the same question. You know a typical question which is normal to Malaysian culture..even the silly question like 'what car do you drive' would startle me. Rest assured. I am not a rich person laughing all the way to the bank every months hahahahha...No. Currently I am a proud owner of Myvi hehehehe yes...which I bought circa 2009..previously I drove a Kancil.

For some, the material gain would be a definition of success..well it indeed applicable in this world. If you are able to drive bummers,living in the big mansion, donning designers cloth, you are a rich person in this world. There is nothing wrong to be rich, Islam never forbid us to be rich, in fact Rasulullah encouraged us to get involve in business which consider as one of the sources of gaining wealth. In his youth, Prophet was also involved in business...and his wife Khadijah was a merchant.  The fact that Allah dislikes us to be in the state of destitute and poverty signify that it is ok to be rich. It is always a question of limitation, knowing the balance. The abundance of money and wealth must not deviate our heart to acknowledge that none is richer than Allah and that is the limitation that we have to understand. In holy Quran, Allah told us not emulating the bad attitude of Qarun. Who is Qarun? Read the holy Quran yaa...

As for me, Alhamdulillah for all that He has given me. Am happy and content. I have a beautiful faith, a creed that I believe in, I have Him....the benevolent, He gives me a wonderful family, best buddies, knowledge for me to survive and having a career  and as a traveler in this world those are enough.  My life is far from perfect...instead of counting stars, money...I opt to count blessing. 

So what am I going to say if that question pop up again? A simple word like Alhamdulillah...and muster a smile.