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Old Lady

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In the name of Allah, the most merciful and gracious..and salam to beloved Prophet Muhammad s.a.w

So who is the old lady here? Me? 

One thing for sure is my mum is an old lady...sorry mum...so am not an old lady yet..age is catching up though as I easily contracted with pain here and there and yes am not that young. I am a month shy of my birthday. Don't  expect me to share the number though hahahahah...this journey I mean this PhD journey really makes me old and  pray that I become wiser. I have gone through numerous things, experiences and feeling through out this journey so in that vein yes I am old. hahahahahha. 

The old lady reminds me of Juventus fc...as its nickname is an old lady. Don't ask me why..am not Italian footy expert...heheheh Beside Man United, I admire Italian football club..the Azzuri will never cease from my memory and its players such as Paolo Maldini..Roberto Baggio and in the 90's I guess.  The supremacy of Italian club could not be denied at that time. It was too massive to play on Italian soil as can be seen from Gazza stories (Paul Gascoigne).  The impact of Italian players opened up the door for them to show their flares in EPL and I guess the first club of doing so is Chelsea...I still remember the bald Gianluca Vialli,  Ruud Gullit (not Italiano but was  huge in AC Milan), the petite Zola, later on joined by Roberto DiMatteo..elsewhere Ravanelli in Middlesborough, Paolo DiCanio in West Ham..just to name a few.  I guess the popularity of Italian clubs could be compared of what is enjoying by the Catalan clubs now.

Among the memory that I have on Juve is Alessandro Del Piero, the Italian supremo, the best playmaker and goalscorer in his era. Other players ermm I think Inzaghi, Nedved, Pirlo, Totti and Gatusso (AC Milan) and the success under Marcelo Lippi. 

The old lady ( Vecchia Signora) had their blip season due to scandals and once relegated so it was nice to see them in the final of European Champion League. 

Due to limited time, my passion towards football is slowly fading. No more staying back late at night to enjoy the live show..I just check the result via twitter early in the morning..hahahha...even if Man United was on telly..hahaaaha yes I am old. It is not because of Man United current form...No. Hello...Man United is qualified to EC next season yaaa....I would love to be in Old Trafford again if I have the chance but it is just not a priority as I am in the process of you know...something to do with the big book. Again yaaa I am old! 

Dont ask me about Paul Pogba...hehheeeh the lad deserves to be in Juventus...and Sir Alex was wrong...a total blunder! Period! 

* talking about Italy - Venice and Murano are two places in Italy that I have visited*