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Am writing this blog somewhere in Selangor, attending another course which I think the 6th for this year. Despite the crazy schedule, which I discreetly crave, I felt more than grateful to gain new input and rub shoulders with the so called experts from other institutions. Certainly I have learnt a lot, the session not that stressful though I believe the practical part later on would be humogous to carry it out..and I frankly am not ready to be a trainer.


EPL is back. One win and one draw to my team and I dont give a damn to what the other team did in the league. The league is just 2 weeks old and anything can happen in the world of football. I wont pick up which team to be crowned as champion, but I know the big 4 would be Man United, Chelsea, Arsenal and maybe Liverpool (sorry). Hey!! am not football pundit like John Dykes or Shebby Singh so I might be wrong...hehehe, even my opinion is FOC here...hehehe.......It is nice to read two familiar names in the score sheet; Scholes was brilliant in 2 matches as an anchor in the midfield who I believe the young gun should emulate especially the like of Nani, Obertan, Valencia etc and of course my hero Ryan Giggs. His tenacity, passing and intelligent on the pitch should be envied by the young lads. Nevertheless, to win the league, United players should not relied heavily to those two and Hernandez, Macheda should spur their ability!!!


Looking forward fo Flushing Meadow next week and yes, I do admit that I would love to step my feet in USA...