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2012 was a roller coaster ride. It was a topsy-turvy at times. I have encountered a rough ride in this journey, a fail plan, continuous ailment and  a devastated heart.  I guess that is the cornerstone of  the journey for  a road less takensigh! 

2012 was a quite quiet year. Some of my friends (especially in UKM)  lost track of me as I was hiding myself a lot in the libraries (different places)  and my Facebook hardly updated (logging Facebook only  to visit DSG page). Alas my closest buddies still following my trail...

Despite all of  the hardships  and agonies,  I found a solace in Him. In every joyful moment  I enjoy through the reunion with old buddies, I discreetly say my gratitude to Him to make it happen. In every tear or frustration in each trial and tribulations, I prostrate  and pray to Him to give me His strength and to put trust only on Him.  In every ailment and illness that I need to combat externally and internally, I turn to Him to heal them. In every wrong decision which I have made, I  ask  Him to wash away my regret and guide me to the right path. In every tranquility and rezk bestow upon me and my family , I raise my two feeble hands and offering my  grateful to Him. Certainly I cannot do  anything without Him and His presence.

Ya Allah, I will forever cherish each and every moment of this journey as I found You. 

Perhaps this song by Opick can illustrate the significance of HIS presence to me.