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13 years

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Today she turned 53, she shared the same years with our independence. In fact she was born 9 days after the glorious independence. She was too small as an infant. She often cried out loud at night and prone to illness. She was too petite so she barely walked on her own and very quite. She hardly uttered words. Her growth was halted. She looked like 7 even on the day she turned 12. Her childhood marred by the frequent visit to the hospital. Hospital was the second sanctuary and the like of doctors and nurses were as if her next of kins. She could bare the smell of medicine and faced series of lab tests. At one point the doctor wanted to send her over in Manila which she keenly anticipated though it was never materialised.

She was diagnosed as a heart patient, she contracted with congenital heart disease and had problem with her eyesight. She was very slow in her action and her growth. In fact she was illiterate. Despite that she was a good communicator. She could not read signs, routes or write but she always found her way. She seemed never tired to ask around when she lost. Despite the ailments she was a survivor. Her patience had never grown old. She has no qualm about her disability. She always joyful to watch. She had a warmth smile and having a big grin whenever she laughed.

She was a terrific chef. She could cook any dishes and baked even without peeking at the recipe books. She would entertained requests and orders from her sisters and brother even when she was heavily pregnant. Do not get messy with her, she was great in her memory, she could recall things easily and nobody could beat that in the family. She could find keys, money and any valuable things which we always forgot. Irony is it? She was a very organize person and she would always be the one that arranged and tidied my suitcase before I went back to hostel...hehehe

We used to spend time together. She would glued to the seat listened to the Hindi song aired from the radio while I was engrossed with my schoolwork. She loved the bollywood thingy till at one point I promised myself to buy her the cassette though I frequently critised her obsession. Personally she got a very positive mind, she was too confident that one day I would drive dad's car and she never sound regret if she unable to do so.

" tak per lah kita ada adik-adik yg pandai jadik satu hari nanti mereka yg akan bawak kita jalan2 naik keta tuh" I overheard her tête-à-tête with my mum.

The thought on 22 May 1997 will never cease from our memory. Allah loved her more than us and losing her was really an agony which too hard to endure. She eventually surrender from the painful battle after a long operation. She left us her son but she brought with her our happiness, her emotional turmoil and her ailments.

Today and at the moment whenever I recall that words and the serenity of her face, my eyes are brimming with tears. I don't have much memories with her but that is enough reminiscing of her. How I wish she could see her daughters, sons, son-in law and grandchildren. How I wish to see her warmth smile again when she collect the cassette from me or CD....not cassette but I mean a lot of Bollywood CD with new CD players. Ya Allah, I really miss her hilarious laugh!! How I wish I can buy her a spectacle so that her sight getting better and how I wish I can trim her nail like he did to me before.


13 years gone but the thought of you remain here in my heart. You are always in my prayer. I always cherish out moment together. I may not be able to drive you with my car (not dad's car) but I send and pick up your son from school everyday.


Happy 43rd birthday today....and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..Maafkan segala salah dan silap Ellie pada Along dan Ellie doakan Along sentiasa tenang di sana d bawah lindungan dan rahmat Allah. I miss you..in fact everybody miss u so much.