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Am back

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Praise to Allah and selawat to our beloved Prophet s.a.w.

Finally after a long hiatus am back! Hate to admit that these days I only like to read other's blogs and admire their commitment doing their inscription everyday. 

I am in the crucial part of the academic as well as spiritual journey which request me not to be home on weekends but spend more time in front of lappy during weekdays. In fact in certain situation, I need to pack lightly with iPad, voice recorder, some tokens of appreciation, a notepad and travel some places strange to me for a couple of days. Nay, this is not a vacation.

Talking about vacation, I have one last month. As for now, the destination name remains as a secret and a mystery. Hahahahha..... 

There were many great things happen around me and looking forward for more to come. I just want to remain positive and poise amidst of the hardship, trial, rejection which am going through. Nothing comes in vain or meaningless as Allah is the best planner. 

credit and Jazakallah to http://islamic-ethics.tumblr.com

Pray for a best thing come this MAY!

Till next time...Biizinillah

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