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Western Super-Mare

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I do not have any idea where on the earth this place is.... I was introduced to the name by none other than Ian and Peyuss. These two characters (not real name and their identity will be kept ) will feature occasionally in my entries.  Both were  doctorate students back then, but now enjoying themselves as Dr. in their respective universities. 

Western-Super Mare (WSM) is a city with a beautiful beach. Located within an hour by bus from Bristol City, WSM is a popular destination during summer especially for the old folks (baca sambil nyanyi warga tua teras masyarakat hehehe yaa). It proved as the National express seats were mostly taken by themhehehe. What makes it so popular is the annual sand sculpture festival in the summer.  The sculptures are so gigantic and almost resemble to real items which also denotes how talented those artists are..you can check those sculptures  here

Are those awesome? I bet they are.... Usually there is a different theme  for every year which suffice to persuade people to visit. 

Despite its popularity, WSM wasn’t in my list of places to be visited.  However, as we failed to get the cheap fare coach ticket to York and Cambridge and the unavailability of them to accompany me, yes due to their  busy schedule, we have decided to spend half a day in WSM. Frankly I would rather spend  a day in  Manukan Island with its beautiful sandy beach and crystal greenish waterHowever, munching snacks and spaghetti goreng in WSM with its cool and windy weather was not a bad idea at all.....Yes, I fall in love with the weather but not the beach...huhuh

Just enjoy these few photos....

         I still keep the hat....

Next travelogue would be on Cardiff, Wales