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Caerdydd, Cymru

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Before am sharing with you guys about my journey to Cardiff, Wales…I need to say Alhamdulillah, all praise to Him who make it all happen. 

Firstly it is always be my dream to put my 2 feet on the Welsh soil because of my admiration towards this man 'GIGGS' (who recently turned 40) started to like him since my matriculation years.. and secondly for being there twice…in 2010 and 2011. (ya, cerita travel yang berkulat-kulat..hehehe) 

Cardiff from Bristol is about one hour by train (Great western)…the ticket can be purchased at  Temple Mead Station, which a bit pricey. The alternate way is to but ticket few days before, online and book for a return ticket on non-peak time….which is I think after 9 am and before 5 pm. 

inside train on our way to Caerdydd

In 2010, it was only me and Ian went to Cardiff but in 2011, it was me who brought the two other ladies there…heheheh..a  tourist guide for a day! The unique about Cardiff is certainly the language…The Welsh people communicate using their own language so it is not surprising to see signboard in 2 languages ; English and Welsh! Even Cardiff is spelt as Caerdydd and Wales is known as Cymru. The first visit in 2010 let  left us unforgettable memory...while we were enjoying ourselves taking photos at Cardiff Bay.. suddenly a cyclist coming from nowhere attacked us, with harsh words and tried to hit us with his bicycle.. both  of us unscathed...alas it was a total shocker.  

A waiting room at Cardiff Hospital...we volunteered to be research's participant...
Notice the different in language...

It is easy to get around Cardiff city, the train station is just a 3 minute walk from the bus station..and choose your destination..no worries there is a schedule, bus route and bus no… Certainly we chose to go to Cardiff bay which has a beautiful view. Not only it is a port where  a few pound can take you around the bay with a  boat, you can also  feast your eyes with a unique building and architectural.

signage in two languages

Parliment building 

The other attraction at the city centre are the Stadium, the Millenium Stadium located just 3 blocks away from the bus station and the castle. Am not sure how much is the fee….I would rather save the pound to buy souveniers and visiting the stores there… hehehe…My second visit to Cardiff with Ms Kittyna and Heidi ended with us boarding the wrong bus which surprisingly  took us touring the city…hahahah not bad aite? Kittyna totally enjoyed her shopping-spree and persuaded us to come back again for shopping…hahahahahah….bila lah agaknya?

Millenium Stadium                                                          Castle


Just enjoy few photos both captured in 2010 and 2011…next entry is about London especially at Madame Tussaud, Baywaters and Malaysian Hall. 

p/s Bilalah nak habis menulis travelogue 2010 nih...