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Tonight is the night..

Yes, a mouth-watering match between my home team TRW vs the Elephant Army. The  East Coast clash! It is so damn obvious that I am rooting for TRW to win…and just like before I am not going to predict the score and talking about the formation, players selection and what not….heheheh.. Let others do the part, I just want to enjoy the match at home...

Football is the only entertainment which is celebrated by all.  All walks of life  appreciate the local team, the kids even persuade the parents to buy the jersey (sadly the counterfeit one) and travel to KL each time there is a final. The young one always look forward to fight for the tickets and made a journey by train, cars, buses flight  and motorcycles just to be with their heroes. Don’t be surprise to see the old folks either men and women getting ready in front of the telly at home or 'kedai kopi' hehehe to cheer for the team. 

Those scenarios in Kelantan will l remind me of  England. On the match day, during the world cup, the Briton closed the shop early..in one situation I have to finish our lunch early as they wanted to close earlier than usual....everybody proudly walking in the jersey, almost  all houses  decorated with flags, the supermarket cashier, shopkeepers wearing the jersey, the memorabilia such as mugs, scarves, hats,  shirts, stationery with 3 lions logo or Union Jack were sold cheaply in lieu of their participation in the cup. Not only that, don’t be surprise to see the workers in the office, whom I saw in the post office clad with England shirts welcome you.  Yes, I would love these happen in Malaysia on the match day…the solidarity beyond political party and creed.

Subsequently I can say that footy is enormous in Britain and no wonder they can be mad either they lose or win the game. So hooliganism  is not strange sadly (no pun intended). Yes, we were once caught up in that situation, a group of young intoxicated man made a noise on the street, yelling, singing and dancing. Alhamdulillah no bad thing happened, we just walk away as fast as we can  and luckily the men in uniform were everywhere at that time.  

I don’t want this to be happened in Malaysia and the brutal culture should not be inside and outside stadium. I am against the idea of bringing the kids to the stadium as many people swearing with negative words if the situation risen up, people enraged thus it is better for them to watch at home. 

Either win or lose, let us accept the fate! There will always be another opportunity next time, next match and next cup.  It is not worth it to throw bottles to the other fans, to throw flares, to engage in brawl and to mock the losing team. It is just a game! Also it is not worth it to do things which  transgress the religion boundary the like of death treat and mad provocation. 

To all let  pray for an entertaining game, free from bookies, a wise referee decision, good and sporting fans and don’t forget to bow to Allah whenever you are!

Gomo Kelate Gomo!

Shall the best team win tonight!