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L.O.S.T #2

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Ian joked about my latest entry…ermmm "U should write about your team…losing Moyes, losing the title, losing in Champion League, losing a spot for the next CL…and the list is endless…Hell she was right! Losing is in fact the year for Man Utd! It is a bitter pill to swallow but in the brutality of multimillionaire status of football now, one team cannot afford to wait and just wait for a result. For that I would pay my respect to Arsenal that still stick to a man they bought from Grampus Eight, Japan….sorry I forgot the year and I don’t want to goggle it ! Who have a thought an unknown man from France which the name rhyme with the team (Arsene for Arsenal heheheh) replaced the ever boring era of Graham Taylor,  able to stay longer in ever-demanding league  and a catalyst of what is Arsenal now….from Highbury to Emirates Stadium….bought interesting name to EPL like Over-Maars, Henry, Viera…and one of those who broke the tradition of recruiting  youthful talent abroad UK as apprentice.

In football,  fans and owner only want to see the result, otherwise the sponsor will run away, the stadium will be half-emptied, the potential player would scare to come if they don’t play in Europe etc…..again the list is endless.  For a club with a stature like United, losing is intolerable let alone to be in the mid table…hence I do understand if Moyes was sacked!

Man United always follow the tradition, in fact all of the English clubs in Britain (England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales) believe greatly in tradition. The success of Man United under the reign of Sir Mat Busby with Busby Babes with the likes of Georgie Best (whom I met at Man United clubhouse long ago), Duncan Edwards etc…won the Champion League in 1968  put the conviction that only the  manager from British soil could bring similar success. None in the history of Man United the manager was selected outside British soil….and I guess based on that tradition and belief, David Moyes was selected. He has similar background as Sir Alex and yes he was the best candidate to bring similar accolades . So I wont buy the earlier fact of Pep Guardiola to replace the void left by Sir Alex. I thought the British lad would be chosen at that time maybe Martin O'Neill, Redknapp, Allaydarce...

Perhaps this is timely for United to look out the potential candidates elsewhere across Europe, it is not against a tradition to elect non-Brit lad. It is deem to be vital in football. They need to be decorated with different style of techniques and approaches. Bring us the old Man United that always display zest and entertaining game play. I don’t think that Man United slump is indebted to Moyes  alone, blame should be on Glazer, the leaving of backroom staff and the current players' lack of hunger to win. Whoever elected next would a  huge vacant to be filled!

p/s Nice to see the Fergie Fledgling  are coming back reunited for  the sake of the club. It would be awesome if Becks, Keano, Robbo, Cantona are there too….keep on dreaming huh! 

Me at Old Trafford circa 2008