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Jom Santai

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This time I would like to share the latest book which i read (last October), actually I borrowed from my colleague. Not my genre, but oklah i gave it a shot...Hey, not bad. Romantic comedy, which revolves around Annie, stewardess of Ireland air line (I guess) coz she keeps mentioning Dublin airport so walaa, UK setting.... a kind of interesting to continue me reading. Usually I enjoy Sophie Kinsella's novels esp shopaholic of its Briton setting. Did I mention that London is my fav city..though I never been there ( I will hehehe..soon). So...it kind of witty and funny to know a life of Annie, who was dump by her boyfriend, and met Danny (the pilot..kind of irony right..like doc vs nurse...hehehe) who happen to be the son of her strict or should I said sick supervisor..ermmm...hope it is not happen to me. Nauzubillah...

Life is topsy-turvy for her to know that Danny is a playboy (another cliche) and her affection towards Mr Oliver Kane (filthy rich and hit her in one ugly car accident), who is not available (ayoo laki orang la plak). So who will she chose? hehehe...korang bacalah senirik

I would recommend this book to those who think that being stewardess is glamour and enjoyable profession and also to those who want to entertain yourself in 2 hours, you might find it interesting and worth (esp with ur ipod)......

Actually I have soo many books to share with all of u guys...nantilah..keadaan amat tak mengizinkan..

cheers mate!!!