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Eid Mubarak

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Am not sorry for my hiatus, it was purely intended. I do have things to say, lurking it out loud from mind and heart, but time can be enemy sometimes hinder me to put things accordingly and the Internet connection most of time hampered the cute active finger to post the entry….Hence, the entry goes into the dustbin or remains in the draft….

So, to all family, friends, ex-colleagues and probably strangers (stalkers) wishing you guys….

Eid Mubarak
Kulum Am waantum bikhair
Taqaballah hu mi'na wa minka

Of course after a month (or less) of fulfilling days and night as a servant of Allah, looking for  the best night called Al -Qadr, seeking forgiveness, mercy and blessing from Him….the day is finally here for us to celebrate Eid-Fitri. Ramadhan will sorely miss and I pray for another opportunity to meet Ramadhan again. Insha Allah. I pray as well of having steadfast in doing the good deeds; Quranic recitation, uttering only good words, be the best person and beneficial to others and no 1 priority is to be more patience.

Eid this year celebrated in a different mode. Nothing grandeur, only 1 brand new baju kurung for solat raya, no sumptuous meal, just usual suspect  food. Obviously,  no longer lullaby  from my father's loud voice early morning of 1st Syawal awaken us to get ready for solat raya and after solat raya we visited his graveyard. Surely this 12 Syawal marked a year of his absence and how fast time flies! My mother still in her mourning period, his wardrobe remain intact and his favourite chair still at its position.

On the 3rd Syawal, I officially open my  door house to relatives. My home sweet home project finally come to an end, which meant that whatever banter, bickering between me and contractor, anguish and frustration engulfed me finally laid to a rest.  Am not happy with the result the construction…however it was a relief to end the tedious process. My advise to those who do not have enough knowledge in building a house, lack of sound advice from people around, no time to monitor the progress of your house, ignore  the intention to build one. I would suggest you lads and lasses, to buy a house of your dream. Later on when you have enough saving, renovate  or extend it. It is not worth it to lose a patient over egocentric of a bunch of people who  called themselves as contactor or developer in which their needs (to save a few quid for their own sake) matter most than the needs of the owner. Back to that open house thingy, am glad that I eventually made it an official ceremony for makan2 and justice to the stalkers, kaki penyebok, gossipers,  who requested me to chunk salary of mine on that makan2.  Smirk!! 

On a brighter note, for this Ramadhan, I have successfully completed 30 juzuk of Quran Al-Kareem. I felt a tremendous achievement.  Ramadhan really taught me a lot…."A path towards Allah is really a hard one and I seek His strength to be strong".....

I think that’s  all peeps!
Am in hiatus again….might not be for long…just wait and see….
As for now am on my pedal again race against time to finish my other chapter….and to complete puasa 6. Jom yuk!!!

p.s - looking forward to US open, Piala Malaysia and of course BPL!!