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10th of Muharram

8:59 AM Ellie 0 Comments Category : ,

It is raining heavily outside....'hujan rahmat' as today is the 10th of Muharram..Luckily am still endow with time and good health to fast. Am not well lately, an attempt of 3 days non-stop brisk walk and a slight jog gave a toll to my nerves...huhuhu....a gentle reminder that having a good health is a paramount!

There are certainly a few things that I can do on this day...apart from fasting....please refer to this link for further detail. Thank you and Ahamdulillah Allah for this ilmu...

credits &  Jazakallah to http://shafiqolbu.wordpress.com

So let us cherish this day by sharing our rezki and spending our valuable time with others especially the family members, children, parents, the needy, the orphans..