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Different ways

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I love blogwalking….peep into stranger's life rambling and mumbling about life especially those who live abroad..to be exact students doing PhD or master abroad. I used to follow students' blogs in Germany, UK, New Zealand, Australia and US.  Listening and reading their ranting about life, learning opportunities, travel and food, cooking, recipes somehow make me part of it..magic is it? It probably because me don’t have a chance to study abroad so by reading their story make me inspired, motivated and of course envy!

Through their inscriptions, I'm looking at life through different lenses, more important on life experiences abroad and their perceptions. Things work differently there ranging from rubbish separation, appropriate  bus stop and to the exact time of shop hours. Mundane life  could be the same one can find here in Malaysia, but the weather, different culture and food could make a different to students' life abroad. The chance of visiting friends studying in UK and Australia enlightened me in many ways…in various different ways…so I understand and could feel it  each ranting and mumbling..hehehehe…

Would I like to experience such life? I have  a concoction feeling to answer.. I guess if I have known earlier I would change the way it is…I mean there are many other different ways to get to  the path which I dream for since I was 17 years old. I should not stare at one door and be happy with it…I should have thought, tried and done it in different ways.  It is  probably to late to divert my direction now, have to be strong mentally with lots of doas to face it….enough said!

There are many different ways of looking at the latest sensitive issue involving Muslim…this kind of humiliation will never cease. They will never left us alone! Yes, this is too much and such provocation is too hard to endure…what more with the ugly scenario engulf our Muslim brothers and sisters in Palestine, Syria, Rohingya to name a few…and we do have the right to protest . The other ways is let us be united in the spirit of Islam " La Illaha illalah" to combat it now and whatever come later in the future. Let us go back to Islam my fellow Muslims, the true religion, let us our heart be strong with Al-Quran, with doas and prayers.  Let us be strong mentally and physically, let us be strong to face all sorts of threat by digging more knowledge as it serves as a key to face whatever hurdle.

Allah definitely would not allow the horrendous incident for nothing as everything walks with 'Hikmah' or wisdom. Let this be a beginning for us to be united to be a strong ummah, let us keep on remembering  the beloved Prophet not only on designated day and event, let his sunnah and teaching be continued, let us keep on salawat upon him and let the unbelievers see the greatness of Him…

Regardless of the hype let us enjoy this clip.....
Barakallah and Jazakallah to Bro Maher for this song!